Cliff House Project

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from Ocean Beach...

    Courtesy of Frank Mitchell
(click here for glass slide of this image)    
"Laying the Pacific Cable near the Cliff House"    
"Launching the Life boat" "Launching the Life Boat"  
"Lifeboat riding the breakers near the Cliff House" "Live Saving Crew", Courtesy of Dennis O'Rorke "Arthur Livingston Patriographic series"
  Courtesy of Dennis O'Rorke  
    "Cliff House - Waters & Co."
  Courtesy of Dennis O'Rorke
    Courtesy of Dennis O'Rorke


from Sutro Heights...



from out at sea...

  "Cliff House and Sutro Baths from Ocean"

Courtesy of Frank Mitchell


from the north...

    "Sutro Baths and Cliff House"


nighttime (probably simulated)...

'Hold-to-light' postcard (click for effect)    



  "Dutch Windmill, Golden Gate Park" "Taken after earthquake and fire"






"Panorama of Cliff House and Beach"


Courtesy of Frank Mitchell


Courtesy of Chuck Banneck  (reverse) Courtesy of Chuck Banneck  






  Image courtesy of Chuck Banneck



  Image courtesy of Chuck Banneck






Postcard with reversed image


The fire...


Courtesy of Frank Mitchell


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