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In my search for info on the Cliff House, I've learned of other past structures that shared the name, some large, some small...  (if anyone can provide better links on these structures, please email me)


Cliff House, Mesa Verde

photograph courtesy Philip Greenspun

I don't know if the original inhabitants also called it the "Cliff House", it is clearly the oldest structure to use the name.  Found this at the park service website...

"The first cliff dwelling in the Mesa Verde area known to have been entered by white men, was Two-Story Cliff House in Ute Mountain Tribal Park, discovered by W. H. Jackson in September. Jackson was a photographer for the U. S. Geological and Geographical Survey. He had heard of ruins in Mesa Verde from miners and prospectors. One of these prospectors, John Moss, led Jackson into Mancos Canyon where the cliff dwelling was discovered. Jackson found other small cliff dwellings in the canyon, but Two-Story Cliff House was the only one he named."

Groveland, CA

Guy's Cliffe House, Warwick, England

Cliff House, Marske by the Sea


Information courtesy of Gerry McBride:

Cliff House was built in 1844 by Joseph Pease (1799-1872) as a summer residence. The building is stone faced and was erected rapidly. Cliff House was sold in the 1930's to the Methodist Church. During the 2nd World War it was the officers mess for the 25th Medium and Heavy Artillery. The former home was bought by the Church Army in 1976 then renovated and turned into retirement flats in 1981.

Cliff House, Manitou Colorado

Cliff House, Minot MA


From the internet: "Mrs. Cushing had it built in the mid 1800ís. Fire consumed it in the 1970ís"

Cliff House, Winthrop Highlands MA



Cliff House, Ogunquit Maine

Cliff House, Lake Minnewaska, NY


Information courtesy of Sam Lewit:

"The Cliff House hotel was built high atop a granite ledge at Lake Minnewaska, NY in 1879 by Alfred Smiley. In 1881 the hotel was so popular that it was expanded to accommodate 225 guests. On a clear day, with its 360 degree view, you can see 6 states. The Cliff House was abandoned in 1972 due to high upkeep costs and disrepair. It was completely destroyed by fire on January 3rd, 1979. The property was obtained by the State of New York and is now Minnewaska State Park Preserve."