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Photo Gallery 2

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"March 3 1905"


"Nov 27-05  895 Harrison St
Cousin Martha: I am having a good time going up in the Country for the Holidays. The Building on the rocks is the Cliff House.
Don't you envy me: This scene is the beach near the Golden gate. Write soon Harley"
(text rotated) (reverse)

Reverse:  "FRED RANSOM   PHOTOGRAPHER", "AUG 20 1903", "317 O'FARRELL ST." (reverse)


Cliff House, showing construction in the foreground and scaffolding around the upper windows (reverse)


8" x 10" Large Format Antique Copy Film Negative, purchased from the Marilyn Blaisdell collection,  photographer unidentified.
Provenance: Image derives from the Wyland Stanley Collection of historical memorabilia which included thousands of photographs and antique negatives.
The entire collection was purchased by Marilyn Blaisdell in the late 1970s.


Courtesy of Dennis O'Rorke


Courtesy of Dennis O'Rorke


Courtesy of Dennis O'Rorke


Courtesy of Dennis O'Rorke

Close-ups of above image

man on roof

banners:  "CARL W. MUELLER", "Adam Andrew"  (see here for another view of the banners)


Courtesy of Dennis O'Rorke


"Cliff House, San Francisco, Sept 1st 1903"


"Cliff House, 03"


Reverse: "Harry Sanderson, Aug 30 1901" (image)



Reverse: "Cliff House, Little Miss Pierson on the beach"  (link)



Courtesy of John Hall Collection


"Worden, SF"

Zooming in on this photo reveals what appears to be a man on the roof...



Taken by D.H. Wulzen or D.H. Wilkins (manager of the Cliff House)
GGNRA Park Archives & Records Center


Scan courtesy of Bill & Shelly Bronsch




"Cliff House 1902"


"Cliff House Beach, 1908, Iva and Rae"


Three photos from the same album...

Note the structure just below the fence

Sutro Baths


Photos from the same album...





"Cliff House 1905"
(click here for full album)


photo from album page here


Window washer hanging from the side of the building
(click here for more information)


From a box of unrelated glass negatives (posted here)


Courtesy of Dennis O'Rorke



"Birds Eye View of the Beach, Seal Rocks, Cliff House and Sutro Heights, Copyrighted by W. C. Billington, Sutro Heights"
John Hall Collection


~ Buffalo Bill & his Wild West Show ~

(Albumen print panoramic view of Buffalo Bill and his Wild West Show, members on the beach in front of the Cliff House, San Francisco, CA, ca. 1900-07. Photographer unknown. Presented by Mrs. Nate Salsbury, photo courtesy of the National Museum of the American Indian)



The Fire


For additional photos of the fire, click here.


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