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Commercial Illustrations


Van Camp's Soups

Murad Cigarettes



The Studebaker Style



Cheasty's Haberdashery Catalog, Seattle
"Tailored by hand by Alfred Benjamin & Co, New York
Autumn 1912 - Winter 1913


Southern Pacific Railway Ad


Merten Manufacturing


C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.


Sheet Music

On San Francisco Bay,  by M. Withmark & Sons

Moonlight at the Cliff,  by S. Seiler



Mariposa, Oceanic Steamship Company
menu, image courtesy of T Maguire




Playing Cards






Courtesy of Dennis O'Rorke










(just two of many produced)


Silk Fan
According to Cynthia Fendel (info):
"Your Cliff House fan can be easily dated between 1904-1909, since I have many 1904 St. Louis World's Fair fans in that exact style.
These fans can be described as a Japanese fixed fan with a printed silk leaf stretched over a metal frame, with a black lacquer stick."


Blue Oyster Cult

Sample Cigar Box Label
This label was a sample label included in a book to show merchants labels that could be purchased for the inside cover of cigar boxes.


Cliff House Clothes Pins


Tapioca, Cliff House Distributors

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