Cliff House Project

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As luck would have it, the Victorian Cliff House was captured on early movie film at least once...     

American Mutoscope and Biograph Company

Note: the above is a link to the Library of Congress. Their site provides alternative viewing modes and avoids my having to store the movie in my limited disk quota.

Iíve heard rumors that the Victorian Cliff House was also caught on early Newsreel footage, but I've been unable to confirm. If anyone can provide more information, it would be much appreciated.

Update - the above link has been lost.  So here it is directly for you to download & play:




Does the below 1904 story suggest a second film showing the 1896 Cliff House?

San Francisco Call - 11 January 1904


San Francisco Call - 28 Jan 1904


4/17/2018 - According to the Olympic Club staff archivist they don't have any information on the above St Louis Worlds Fair film as they
lost a lot of information when their building burned down during the 1906 earthquake.