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Only one film showing Sutro's Victorian Cliff House is known to exist...

Panorama of beach and Cliff House, Camera: H.J. Miles
September 30, 1903 - American Mutoscope & Biograph Co
Library of Congress:


St Louis World Fair film (1904)

Newspaper stories suggesting a possible Cliff House appearance on film, entirely unverified...

San Francisco Call - 11 January 1904
(full clipping)

San Francisco Call - 28 Jan 1904
(full clipping)

4/17/2018 - According to the Olympic Club staff archivist they don't have any information on the above St Louis Worlds Fair
film as they lost a lot of information when their building burned down during the 1906 earthquake.

I also reached out to St Louis Worlds Fair sites on the internet, but so far nothing.  At this point the trail goes cold.



1909 Cliff House


"Cliff House Baby" (1913)
Documentary film
Newspaper references:  link



"Our Enemy's Spy" (1914) 
Director: Henry MacRae (as Henry McRae)

IMDB description:  "He is driven to the platform over the rocks at the Cliff House. Seeing there is no escape and preferring death to
arrest, the wretched man leaps over the cliff, down a hundred and fifty feet to the rocks and waves and death below."


"Greed" (1924)  (IMDB)
with original live score by Asphalt Serenade

Director: Erich von Stroheim
Newspaper references:  link



Los Angeles Times - 21 Jan 1925

"Proud Flesh" (1925)  (IMDB)
Director: King Vidor

Per the above clipping scenes were to be filmed at "Lands End, Cliff House, the beaches, the Sutro Baths", unconfirmed.
Reference link:


"Alexander's Ragtime Band" (1938)  (IMDB)
Director: Henry King

Newspaper references:  link's_Ragtime_Band_(film)


"Nora Prentiss" (1947)  (IMDB)
Director: Vincent Sherman


"Race Street" (1948)  (IMDB)
Director: Edwin L. Marin


"The Lineup" (1958)  (IMDB)
Director: Don Siegel



"Streets of San Francisco", Episode "Blockade", S2E17  (1974)   (IMDB)
Cliff House in opening scene