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Only one film showing Sutro's Victorian Cliff House is known to exist...

Panorama of beach and Cliff House, Camera: H.J. Miles
September 30, 1903 - American Mutoscope & Biograph Co
Library of Congress:


St Louis World Fair film (1904)

Newspaper stories suggesting a possible Cliff House appearance on film, entirely unverified...

The San Francisco Call - Dec 24 1903

San Francisco Call - 11 January 1904
(full clipping)

San Francisco Call - 28 Jan 1904
(full clipping)

4/17/2018 - According to the Olympic Club staff archivist they don't have any information on the above St Louis Worlds Fair
film as they lost a lot of information when their building burned down during the 1906 earthquake.

I also reached out to St Louis Worlds Fair sites on the internet, but so far nothing.  At this point the trail goes cold.

The San Francisco Examiner - Dec 26 1903




1909 Cliff House


"Cliff House Baby" (1913)
Documentary film
Newspaper references:  link



"Our Enemy's Spy" (1914) 
Director: Henry MacRae (as Henry McRae)

IMDB description:  "He is driven to the platform over the rocks at the Cliff House. Seeing there is no escape and preferring death to
arrest, the wretched man leaps over the cliff, down a hundred and fifty feet to the rocks and waves and death below."


"The Master Key" (1914)  (IMDB)
Director: Robert Z. Leonard


"Greed" (1924)  (IMDB)
with original live score by Asphalt Serenade

Director: Erich von Stroheim
Newspaper references:  link



Los Angeles Times - 21 Jan 1925

"Proud Flesh" (1925)  (IMDB)
Director: King Vidor

Per the above clipping scenes were to be filmed at "Lands End, Cliff House, the beaches, the Sutro Baths", unconfirmed.
Reference link:


"Alexander's Ragtime Band" (1938)  (IMDB)
Director: Henry King

Newspaper references:  link's_Ragtime_Band_(film)


"Nora Prentiss" (1947)  (IMDB)
Director: Vincent Sherman


"Race Street" (1948)  (IMDB)
Director: Edwin L. Marin


"The Lineup" (1958)  (IMDB)
Director: Don Siegel



"Streets of San Francisco", Episode "Blockade", S2E17  (1974)   (IMDB)
Cliff House in opening scene