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The Honeymoon




Hi Gary

I have enclosed both the cliffhouse photo and a wedding photo of the people in the cliffhouse photo. The woman is Nettie (Olthoff) Stulken and the man is Henry Stulken. Their ages are 19 (Nettie) and 27 (Henry). The wedding photo was taken Nov. 11, 1903 in Hastings Nebraska. After the wedding they honeymooned for six weeks ("until our money ran out" was how Nettie put it). They traveled by train and while stopped at a New Mexico train station, Nettie decided to follow Hank to a local saloon. The conductor stopped her saying that she should stay in the train station because it was too dangerous for a young girl to be out on the streets in New Mexico. Nettie left the station anyway intent on following Hank. The conductor stopped her again and asked the attendant of the women's restroom to lock her inside until it was time for her to board. So Grandma never did get to follow Grandpa to the saloon. Nettie died in 1981 and Henry passed in 1945. They prospered as farmers in Doniphan Nebraska. They are my wife's maternal grandparents.

-- Gene Halaas
September 14 2010