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Cliff House Restaurant website:

National Park Service:
     Visitor contact #:  (415) 561-4323
     Email contact:

Park Archives & Records Center, Nat'l Park Service, Golden Gate Nat'l Recreation Area   (415) 561-4807

SF Memories (more great pics):

Western Neighborhoods Project, Cliff House page:

Giant Camera information:

San Francisco Bay Area Post Card Club, an incredible collection of online SF postcards and a great place for collectors to meet:    *** Newsletter published 10 months a year, with PDF versions available online. provides content of the City of San Francisco and its immediate environs:

History Smith - excerpted from San Francisco's Lost Landmarks. story of the Parallel explosion:

Cable Car Museum - a very comprehensive website dedicated to San Francisco's cable cars.

An excellent site for purchasing stereoviews, plus great source for information:   Also:

San Francisco Public Library (incredible online photo archive)

California Heritage Collection, The Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley:, the best place to keep in touch with today's San Francisco: presents a 360 Panorama of Ocean Beach:

Blaisdell books on SF History are available from:

A website with some great Sutro Baths images:

Susan Evind's Audio Tour Narratives: - Portland, but also SF history:

Ron Henggeler Photography - great photos of present day San Francisco, with a keen eye for historical detail.  Nobody captures SF like Ron.

Edward H. Mitchell Postcards:

Using San Francisco History - a really interesting perspective on SF History:

SepiaTown - a mashup of historic images superimposed on google maps:

Info on Harold G. Stoner, the architect of the Tropic Beach facade and ice rink for the Sutro Baths:

San Francisco Trains website     These guys know trains.  (I like train people...they're even crazier than I am.)

Online University of Photography ~ Photographic Collections: 


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