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This illustration has been reproduced in every format imaginable....postcards, dishes, toothpick holders, you name it.  And yet the original artist is so far unknown.  If anyone finds a signed version or has more information, please set the record straight.

According to John Hall who studied the blueprints in great deal during his 3D model creation, this illustration was most likely created before the actual building was completed. This is based on his observations of the differences between the illustration and the actual building:

On the painting...

1) The bottom two floors do not have windows.
2) There is a stairway coming south out the vestibule.
3) There is a finale on the top of the southwest tower that wasn't there because of the camera obscura lens.
4) The flagpoles are missing from the top of the two eastern towers.
5) The chimneys have decorative tops.
6) The center tower roof is taller than it was built.
7) The center tower is taller than built.
8) The lights on the railing of the balcony above the front entrance weren't built.



Courtesy of Dennis O'Rorke




"Adolph Sutro - A Brief Story of a Brilliant Life"
By Eugenia Kellogg Holmes
Illustrated by Carl Dahlgren
Engraved and Published by the Press of San Francisco Photo-Engraving Co.
518-20 Sacramento St., San Francisco 1895

(illustration from pg 53)







Photo courtesy of Art Philp


Image courtesy of Paul Scalcini



Miss San Francisco, City Belles series
Artist: Archie Gunn, Copyright 1906
Postcard scan contributed by: Mike Kane


Illustration by Lary McKee & Marc Inge Saastad (info below)


Just where are these guys?

More of Marc's work can be seen here:





Above is a contemporary mural still under development.  It is for a project called Playland Not-at-the-Beach

Mural Artist - Dan Fontes


Scans courtesy of Robert R. Talley







Courtesy of Gilman / Whitney Collection
(artist name below)