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The following documents contain written descriptions of the Cliff House

McTeague - A Story of San Francisco 1899 By Frank Norris

Great descriptions of early San Francisco (text).

"At the Cliff House the two sat down to their beer in a quiet corner of the billiard-room. There were but two players. Somewhere in another part of the building a mammoth music- box was jangling out a quickstep. From outside came the long, rhythmical rush of the surf and the sonorous barking of the seals upon the seal rocks. The four dogs curled themselves down upon the sanded floor."

Sutro Baths, Cliff House, Sutro Heights - 1895
Library of Congress

Gleaner's San Francisco Letter, a series of articles published in "The Mendocino Beacon, 1896-1897(?)

Letter written by Elizabeth Jane Phillips, a visitor to the Cliff House.

"San Francisco, Building the Dream City" by James Alexander & James Heig (Scottwall Associates, 2002)

Aimee's blog (an especially creative vision of the Cliff House)
Sermon that references the Cliff House
San Francisco Call - Feb 24 1896 (full page pdf)




Contributed by Ron Filion
San Francisco Genealogy & History


Cliff House stationery?




California Historical Society collection
(click here for large images)



"Cliff House, This Ticket is Equal to 10 c. on any purchase, J.M. Wilkins Co., Inc"  (front)

"MAR 25 1905" (reverse)