Cliff House Project
A Program of Western Neighborhoods Project

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Glass Negatives

Cliff House, San Francisco

Ferry Building, San Francisco


10th Ave. and Fulton St.



Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
(map link)


Bear Hunt (1892) statue by Douglas Tilden
California School for the Deaf, Fremont (link)


Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland CA

Present day view from same perspective by Zoe Heimdal, 2/2016


Berkeley, CA

Trinity Methodist Church, Berkeley CA


"Football Players" statue by Douglas Tilden, UC Berkeley, CA

North Hall, University of California Berkeley

UC Berkeley administration building
(original library building)

This one is possibly looking east on Ashby Avenue in Berkeley. That’s the top of Mt Diablo in the background.  --  John Hall



I believe (90% sure) this photo is the excavation of the tidal canal that made Alameda an island.
It was completed in September 1902, so the photo is probably 1901.
The end of the tail of the white arrow (below) is the approximate camera location.  -- John Hall



Great White Fleet


(Close-up of near ships)




Sailing ship

The sailing ship is probably in the Oakland Estuary on the Alameda shore. During the time period of the photographs numerous sailing ships were moored here. They were notorious for being stuck in the mud and difficult to float off when needed. Here is a March 1911 image of the area (below).  -- John Hall


Ferry Construction



(double exposure)

The three ship construction photos look like they have the Oakland waterfront in the background. This would mean the boat under construction was in Alameda. John W. Dickie was building ferry boats for the Key System in Alameda: the San Jose in 1903; the San Francisco in 1905; the Fernwood in 1908; and the Claremont in 1907. He also built the Cazadero and the Lagunitas in 1903 for the North Shore Railroad. The photo cannot be the Lagunitas but it might be any of the others.  -- John Hall



Monarch the Grizzly Bear in his ‘pit’ at Golden Gate Park  -- John Martini