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"These historic, often dated and described, photos were taken from a 1904 album of a traveling Vaudeville music family named the Johnston’s from Baltimore. They were part of the “Tom Nawn Polite Vaudeville” show playing in San Francisco, Honolulu, Sydney Australia and New Zealand. Also part of this show were Pete Baker, Katharine Dahl, Maud Hobson, Maurice Farquoa, Delia Mason, Elsie Ryan, Anna Kenwick, and the acts “The Rosebuds” and “Three Little Maids Co.”

- Contributed by Bill Longo


(The below-left photo holds the distinction (at least to me) of being the first I've seen where this sign can be read.  Click here for a photo showing the sign from the reverse angle.  Click on photos to enlarge.)




At the baths...


(click here for more Sutro Baths photos)