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Loose Album
A group of photo album pages (and a few loose photos) without the album cover

Special thanks to Laura Ackley, author of "San Francisco's Jewel City: The Panama-Pacific International Exposition of 1915" for PPIE photo identifications

"Nov 24 1912   Cliff House"

"Nov 24 1912   Cliff House"


Sutro Heights

Sutro Heights


"Cliff House   Nov 24 1912"

"Nov 24 1912   Cliff House"

"Cliff House Chairs"

"Nov 24 1912   Beach"

Sutro Heights

"Sutro Heights   Mar 30"


"Sutros Heights   Mar 30 1913"

Sutro Heights, cannon balls


Full Album

(upper-left)  Pacific Ave
(lower-left)  Golden Gate Park


(left)  "Fillmore Hill cable car"
(upper-middle)  Presidio
(lower-middle)  Golden Gate Park


(upper-left)  Sprekles House Pacific Ave
(upper-right)  Ocean Beach
(lower-right)  US Army Transport Crook


(upper-right)  Cliff House chairs
(lower-left)  "Old Library"
(lower-right)  "Panama Pacific Universal Exposition 1915"


(upper-left)  Sutro Heights
(lower-left)  Piedmont Park maze
(lower-right) Sutro Heights cannon balls


(left)  Piedmont Park Sulphur Springs
(middle)  Sutro Heights
(right)  Piedmont Park


(left)  Monarch the bear, GGP  - Laura Ackley


(upper-right)  Conservatory Golden Gate Park
(lower)  bear enclosure, GGP


(upper-left)  St Mary's Hospital
(upper-right)  Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park
(lower-right)  Ferry Building


(left)  Sutro Heights
(lower) Southern Pacific Ferry


(left)  Museum of Arts Golden Gate Park
(middle)  San Jose City Hall
(right)  Market St


(upper-left)  swans Golden Gate Park
(upper-right)  Helmet Rock


(upper-left)  Cliff House
(lower-left)  California University
(lower-right)  Cliff House


(upper-right)  cable car
(lower)  Cliff House


(upper-left)  Sutro Heights
(upper-right)  Sutro Heights


(middle)  May Day in Golden Gate Park
(right)  Piedmont Park


(upper-left)  Fort Mason
(upper-right)  police
(lower-left) Idora Park
(lower-right)  Piedmont Park "Japanese Tea House"


(upper-left)  Sutro Heights
(upper-right)  Sutro Heights
(lower-left)  cable car


(upper-left)  Lands End
(upper-right)  Helmet Rock
(lower-left) Idora Park


(upper-left)  cable car
(lower-left)  San Jose Park
(lower-right)  Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park


(upper-left)  San Jose
(lower-right)  Cliff House


(left)  Century Plant in bloom, GGP
(upper-middle)  train 3037
(right)  Market St


(upper-left)  Two women standing in the South Gardens between the reflecting pools, with photographer facing east toward the Festival Hall seen behind them.  Laura Ackley


(lower-left)  Double exposure, in front of the Palace of Horticulture, also located in the South Gardens, opposite the Festival Hall.  - Laura Ackley
(lower-right)  GGP


(upper-right)  Oregon State Building, a portion of the New York State Building in foreground, PPIE  - Laura Ackley

(lower-left)  “The Fountain of Energy“ by Alexander Stirling Calder at the center of the South Gardens. Calder was the San Francisco Chief of Sculpture for the fair, and this huge fountain was on a direct line between the Scott Street entrance and the Tower of Jewels. Calder’s son was Alexander “Sandy“ Calder, most famous for his large-scale modernist sculpture, mobiles, and stabiles. - Laura Ackley


(upper-left)  A man drives an electriquette electric vehicle along the west end of the Zone, between Creation (left) and Battle of Gettysburg (right)
(lower-right)  PPIE



(lower-left)  The women are standing west of the Inside Inn, the hotel inside the grounds. You can see several of the international Pavilions to the left, and the main mass of the Exhibit Palaces, Tower of Jewels and Palace of Horticulture in the background. The more modern looking structure just left of the Inn is the actual greenhouse portion of the Palace of Horticulture. They are probably standing on the roadway that looped around the Norwegian Pavilion. - Laura Ackley


(bottom)  Forecourt of the Court of Ages by architect Louis Christian Mullgardt - Laura Ackley