Cliff House Project
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Roy C. Carruthers
Proprietor:  1912 - May 1915


The San Francisco Examiner - Feb 8 1912

San Francisco Chronicle - Feb 8, 1912

"This the clubmen are willing to meet and it is their intention to place Roy Carruthers in the management of the world-famous resort to succeed Farley."


Potentialities of the Cliff, Town Talk The Pacific Weekly, June 8 1912
(Source: The Virtual Museum of the City of San Francisco, link)


Oakland Tribune - Dec 29, 1912


"Manager R. C. Carruthers of the Cliff house went in for dog shows recently."
San Francisco Call - 6 May 1913


San Francisco Chronicle - Jan 26 1915
Editor note:  this seems to imply that Roy Carruthers is still manager
at the Cliff House, but I believe so.


Oakland Tribune - May 16, 1915


"Under the management of ROY CARRUTHERS"




Los Angeles Herald - 20 Sept 1917


The National Magazine - March 1920


Jamestown NY Evening Journal - 26 July 1924


The San Francisco Examiner - 23 Nov 1924


Jamestown NY Evening Journal - July 6 1925

"Well, all of a sudden, somebody invited him to try his hand at conducting the Cliff House in San Francisco, a hotel that had used as much red ink on its books as it used tomato catsup on its tables. The owners of this place, if asked to define profit, would have spelled it prophet and said that it meant a guy who tried to guess in advance what the Minnesota football team would do. Just as soon as Roy took the helm, the Cliff house ceased to be such an object of derision that the seals came up and barked at it. Soon it was paying."

"After the earthquakeŚwe mean the fireŚMr. Carruthers became boss of the Palace Hotel"


The San Francisco Examiner - Dec 3 1927