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Sand Sculptures

General Pavilion Seal Rock House Windmills Club Swim Sand Sculptures


Sunset Magazine, Sept 1911
Courtesy Glenn D. Koch Collection


"Sand Artists, SF Cal"
Courtesy of Frank Mitchell


Courtesy Glenn D. Koch Collection

Same as above, but cropped & higher resolution
"May 8th 1919" (reverse)
Courtesy of Dennis O'Rorke


Courtesy Glenn D. Koch Collection


Courtesy of Frank Mitchell


Image courtesy of Dennis O'Rorke



Sand Sculptures, 1911
(glass slide)

Sculptor on the Ocean Beach Makes Artistic Images Out of Wet Sand

A sculptor with an artistic soul and a facile hand astonished visitors to the beach yesterday afternoon by modeling various figures and portraits in the wet sand on the beach just south of the Cliff House. The largest and most remarkable was a heroic sized figure of a woman lying on her back and clasping a chubby infant to her breast. It was labeled "Cast Up By the Waves." The portraits were those of Longfellow, General Grant, President Taft and other notable men.

The boys and girls who delight in making mud pies or sand pies on the beach were speechless with astonishment and asked the man to show them how to make such nice things.

-- SF Chronicle, December 6, 1909, pg 14
Special thanks to Woody LaBounty of for the above research




Ocean Beach, sand sculptures "Unknown heroes"  6/5/1925
(WNPCHP WNP136.09)

Ocean Beach  5/31/1925
(WNPCHP WNP136.08)