Cliff House Project
A Program of Western Neighborhoods Project

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-- The Cyclists --

A group of cyclists posing on Ocean Beach, Cliff House in the background

A description of the bicycles, thanks to Jacques Graber...

"This is a very generic fleet we have here. There are two features I can point out. 1. The light bike with the front wheel pointing left is likely a Tribune Blue Streak, made between 1898 to early 1900's (I have one) painted their classic "Robin's Egg Blue, both Charles (Mile a Minute) Murphy and Barmy Oldfield rode them so this puts the photo after 1898 2. Second the bike smack dab in the middle has a pair of Kelly adjustable handlebars. Identifiable by their classic gull wing re-curve. They were hinged and held fast by a bolt in the middle. Ratchet joints locked the bar halves on the stem and allowed the rider to swing up for a touring posture, or swing down for a racing (scorcher's") position. This may just be a group of riders rather than a "club" as they are not in uniform. The bikes cannot be seen enough in side detail to get better I.D. If side views were had, chainrings tell a lot of who made bikes."

 After analysis of high res upload...

The far right bike and the fourth one in from the right are Clevelands, You can tell by the shape of the head badge and also the left one you can better see an "X" which is part of the Cleveland badge's design. The Second one in from the right is also a Tribune, it is Robin's egg blue also, likely a "Blue Streak" too (though it was also offered in black as I have one in that color also. That second in from the right Tribune has a Kelly bar also. Adjustable bars have a curve that cannot be achieved with conventional stem bars because they don't have to slide through a collar to mount. And I am quite sure now the "dog" is a coat, jacket or something of loose cloth. But that's just MY impression. The bikes, I'm sure though. That was fun! Jacques "


mystery item...

Is this man holding a cat?  Dog?  Two possible interpretations...



Or is it merely a coat?

Three dapper gentlemen...I would like to have met them