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Jacques Bustanoby

Announced as the new Cliff House manager in 1920, but likely never
happened per evidence below...


The Richmond Palladium and Sun - Feb 04, 1920
Prior reference to Jacques Bustanoby, including his photograph


San Francisco Call - 24 Feb 1920

San Francisco Chronicle - Feb 24 1920


Mariposa Gazette - 6 March 1920

Oakland Tribune - Feb 24 1920



Contrary to the above announcements Jacques Bustanoby likely never served as Cliff House manager.
Subsequent references find him instead in legal troubles, ultimately back in New York...


San Francisco Chronicle - 02 Apr 1920


The Evening World - May 10 1921

Richmond Times-Dispatch - May 11 1921


By October of 1920 another individual named Richard "Shorty" Roberts is
hired as manager instead.